Pastor Bradford Winship has been teaching the Scriptures for over 25 years. He holds a BA and MA degree in Theology from a Conservative Christian University and a Masters in Business Administration. He is a native of Bergen County, New Jersey, and now lives with his wife and four sons in Middlesex County.

Theologically, you can trust the program “God and Country” to stay faithful to the historical teachings of the Christian faith. We recognize that there are many false teachers trying to combine politics and religion, but we are staying grounded in the theology of classic Christianity.

The program “God and Country” is sponsored by Harbor Bible Fellowship Church in Laurence Harbor, NJ. The goal of the church is to fulfill an unmet need in the Christian community for a Biblically based program giving commentary on current events. The folks at Harbor Bible tend to be savvy both Biblically and politically. Not content with the status quo, and seeking to fulfill the Great Commission in teaching people to observe all that Jesus taught, Harbor Bible decided to use the venue of “God and Country” to evangelize.