Here are some guidelines for correspondence:

  1. Broadbrushing
    • In a 25-minute radio program it is impossible to cover every angle on a subject. I must deliberately leave off “exceptions to the rule,” disclaimers, caveats, and provisos.
    • The constraints of radio require that I broadbrush many complicated issues. Nevertheless, sometimes it is helpful to see an issue from the “bird’s eye view.”
    • If you see an angle that I left out, I would still like to hear from you. You are my best listener! The purpose of this program is to give you information to build upon.
  2. What I Say vs. What You Hear
    • As an example, Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” What the Jewish leadership heard was, “Jesus is insulting our national pride.” (See John 8:32-33)
    • Because of the emotional and connotative meanings of words, there can be a disconnect between what I say and what you hear. Sometimes this disconnect is an innocent misunderstanding, and sometimes it is caused by nefarious agendas
    • Try to listen to the denotative meaning of what I say. Most confusion is based on reading too much into a simple statement. I will be more than happy to clarify and elaborate any statement I make on the program.
  3. World Views
    1. Obviously, some may object to the statements made on this program. Some of these objectors are secular, and some are religious. In most cases the disagreement is not over the issue itself but over the source of authority. I have no problem discussing the minutia of ethical positions, but bear in mind that the discussion will go nowhere unless we first come to an agreement on the big issue–the source of authority.
  4. Suggest a Topic
    • I want to hear from you concerning social topics you would like to have discussed on the program. What I perceive to be the need may be different from what you see.
  5. Promptness
    • I check my emails on a regular basis, but sometimes I get so busy that I can’t answer them promptly. Be patient; I will get back to you. Try to keep your emails short (no novels). Don’t always trust emails to get through. If there is no response after a few days, send it again.

Thank you for all your input,
Pastor Bradford Winship


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