#351 Exposing Critical Theory

Radio Program #351 “Exposing Critical Theory” 7-22-2018 – Synopsis

This week’s program explains the driving ideology of our age – Critical Theory! You may not be aware of its pervasive influence, but once you understand it, the lunacy in our culture is going to make a whole lot more sense.

In essence, it is a form of Marxism that divides the world into the oppressor and the oppressed. That wouldn’t be so bad if rightly defined, but Critical Theory sees the oppressor as any value that is even tangentially Christian – patriarchy, family, gender, nationalism, morality, private property, etc. The naïve think Critical theory is justice and virtue because it purports to be coming to the aid of the persecuted, but it is really the old lie of Satan that God’s ways are oppressing the world, and Satan’s lawlessness is liberation. THIS PROGRAM IS A MUST SEE!

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