#59 Capital Punishment

Synopsis: Program #59 Capital Punishment – August 2011

While the conservative Christian community [the religious right] tends to be in favor of capital punishment, some Christian groups oppose the practice. What does the Bible say about the matter? If the Bible is ambiguous then we should err on the side of preserving the life of the murderer, but the Bible is very clear that failing to practice capital punishment is a very serious crime against the Lord and mankind. Program #59 covers the arguments for and against capital punishment along with explaining the application of the Old Testament law to New Testament times.

Scriptures referenced:

Leviticus 24:17; Numbers 35:31-33; Genesis 9:5-6, 16; Isaiah 24:1-5; Hosea 1:4; Deuteronomy 19:13-21; Revelation 6:10; 18:24; 16:6; Proverbs 21:15; Romans 1:32; Luke 6:35-37; Romans 13; Acts 25:11, 1 John 5:16; Matthew 5:38-42; Proverbs 28:5; Isaiah 1:21; Hosea 4:1; Romans 1:29; Romans 3:10-18; Mark 7:21; Revelation 9:21 21:8; 22:15; John 5:24

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