#114 The Freedom Rally

Synopsis: Program #114 – 1/5/2014 “The Freedom Rally”

On December 16th a small group of churches and Christian leaders in New Jersey held a rally for religious freedom in front of the State House in Trenton. I was asked to say a few words; but given the fact that it was below freezing and the winds were howling, I abbreviated my address. Even in fine weather, a rally speech has to be short. Nobody is in the mood for a long philosophical discourse.

So Program #114 is the speech that I would have liked to have given. After making some historical references to the persecution in the early church, I address the following points:

America is replacing the religion of Christianity with the religion of secular humanism and all that follows

Same-sex marriage and LGBT rights are the new threat to religious liberty

Christians are to push back the evil, not for our own sake, but for the sake of unbelievers. Once freedoms are taken away from Christians, the totalitarian state will come after the non-Christians. Their end will be worse than ours.