#143 White Privilege

Program #143 “White Privilege” – 7/27/2014 – Synopsis

By a listener’s request, this week’s program is about the ideology of “White Privilege.” Although the movement purports to be anti-racist, even ethically Christian, it is actually a subtle form of racism because it sees social ills solely through the lens of race. This program is a good resource to help listeners discern the two opposing world views: (1) the world view of humanism/white privilege/identity politics which teaches there is no such thing as personal sin, but people suffer only because they are the victims of the environment, and (2) the Christian worldview that most of our troubles are due to our own sin and laziness and that obstacles in our environment actually work for our good.

Don’t overlook the fact that “White Privilege” is a movement created by white people. Tim Wise, author of White Like Me, is going around the country putting on White Privilege conferences. The main opposition to these conferences is coming from conservative Black leaders who have a Biblical worldview concerning the nature of God, man, sin and redemption.

Scriptures Referenced: Esther 3:8; Genesis 46:34; Acts 22:22; Luke 6:22; Exodus 22:21; Mark 13:13; Proverbs 28:13; Romans 12:21; Luke 6:27