#155 Black America &The DNC

Program #155 – “Black America and the Democrat Party” – 10/19/2014 – Synopsis

How can it be that in the last few presidential elections 90 percent of Black America voted Democrat? Yet, the Republican party was the party that abolished slavery; the Republicans oppose abortion which is systematically destroying the black community; and Martin Luther King was a Republican. In Program #155 I take on this controversial topic because there is a spiritual lesson to be found in why people vote the way they do. The Old Testament prophet Micah spoke against the criteria the people used for choosing their leaders; and in the New Testament, Paul warned Timothy about people in the church doing the same.

After some history and statistics, I begin to prove my thesis that the vast majority of people vote their economic self-interest. Value-voters make up only a tiny percentage in both the white and black communities. In a fallen world, people vote their pocketbook. Therefore, the black community will vote for the Democrats with their social handouts. If the white community were in the same economic situation, the majority of whites would also vote Democrat.

There are other reasons that are put forth in the media to explain the black vote – education, plantation mentality, deception, leadership – but I believe these are all secondary factors. Economic self-interest drives the world. “For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money (1 Timothy 3:2).”

Scriptures Referenced: Romans 3; Micah 2:11; 2 Timothy 4:3; Job 2:4-5;
Matthew 7:13-14; Psalm 15