#262 We Don’t Win Anymore

Program #262 “We don’t Win Anymore” – 11/6/2016 – Synopsis

One of Donald Trump’s campaign slogans, “We don’t win anymore,” is identical to the complaint voiced in ancient Israel. It is the cry of a people who have forsaken the Lord and are now beginning to reap what they have sown. Given America’s moral depravity and religious apostasy, we should have expected that, at some point, the people and the politicians would begin to say “We don’t win anymore.”

But what do an ungodly people do in decline? Turn to the Lord? No, as in ancient Israel, the citizenship looks to be saved through better economic and military policies. As one talk show host quibbled, we don’t need a holy roller moralist in the White House like Ted Cruz we need a businessman who can get things done.

When Donald Trump claims he will make America great again by new trade deals, better tax policy, and immigration reform, Christians may think, “Oh, yes, that will be the solution. After all, these conservative policies are more in line with Biblical principles of governance.” But Christians, of all people, should know that unless there is true religion and morality in the White House (and among the citizenship), those policies will be a disaster. God will destroy their “ships.” (2 Chronicles 20:37)

What if someone like King Manasseh, the worse immoral, Baal worshipping, king in Israel’s history, claims to make Israel great again? What if he cuts taxes, builds up the Israeli military, and makes better trade deals? Do you think Israel would win again?

Donald Trump and his supporters fail to realize that America doesn’t win anymore because of people just like him – Americans who have built casinos, committed adultery, supported pro-abortion candidates, and have never darkened the doors of a Gospel-teaching church. Donald Trump, and liberal Republicans like him are like the firefighter who is also an arsonist. He starts the fire and then shows up saying he will put it out.

I am not saying you shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump as an alternative to Hillary Clinton, but at least you should consider this spiritual assessment of America’s current political situation. What we are seeing is the typical reaction of a ungodly people who discover they don’t win anymore. They want something new, they want change, they want promises; but a return to godliness is never part of the formula. Therefore, they will fall and be broken.

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