#276 Question of Muslim Immigration

Program #276 “The Question of Muslim Immigration” – 2/12/2017– Synopsis

The immigration issue is becoming a very hot topic, especially as many supporters of open borders and sanctuary cities are claiming a Biblical basis for their position. There are two issues here that need to be separated; otherwise, the arguments get muddied: (1) General immigration, (2) Islamic immigration. Each issue calls for separate Biblical texts. Since this is a lengthy topic, this program is part #1. On March 5th I will tie up some loose ends with part #2.

I begin this program by referencing a New York Times article quoting Christians on both sides of the argument. The majority of Evangelicals are opposed to illegal immigration, but a few are claiming that having open borders is welcoming the alien. I explain the Law of Moses in regard to Israel and the foreigner; I then explain the difference between the injunctions for the individual Christian in Romans 12, as opposed to the injunctions to the state in Romans 13. Much of the confusion among Evangelicals is due to a failure to understand the distinctions in these two chapters.

Scripture References: Galatians 6:10; Leviticus 19:34, 23:22; Number 9:14; Deuteronomy 17:15,
14:29; Leviticus 25:45; Deuteronomy 2:9,19; 1 Kings 11; Psalm 72:8,11; Romans 12-13; James 3:1