#7 Environmentalism

Synopsis: Environmentalism – Program #7

The program “Environmentalism” begins with an exposition of Genesis 1:28 where God tells man to rule and subdue the earth. The Christian philosophy is opposed to the pantheistic pagan philosophy that man is to be subservient to the environment. Although man is to be a good steward of the earth’s resources, the earth was made so that men many mine the earth and make products (Deut 8:9). The earth is disposable. The current religion of earth worship is compared to the apostate worship of nature and fertility in ancient Israel. The fabricated global warming crisis is discussed along with the current Cap and Trade legislation. When man departs from God, it results in misplaced priorities and the loss of common sense. Professing to be wise, men fall prey to foolish speculations.

Scripture passages referenced: Genesis 1:28; Deut 8:9; Rev. 11:18; Is. 1:29; Deut. 4:19; Jer. 10:8. 3:9; Eph 4:17