#86 “IRS Corruption”

Synopsis: Program #86 “IRS Corruption” June 23, 2013

Program #86 documents how the IRS scandal came about, the key players at the IRS, and the groups targeted because of their conservative political views.

The IRS created a “Be on the Lookout List” for groups that used words such as “Tea Party” or “Patriot,” groups that objected to government spending and taxes, groups that criticized how the country is run, and groups that advocated education about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As outrageous as this sounds, this is the new reality now that government is run by unprincipled men who want to (1) remake America into a godless socialist state, and (2) use the power of government to secure their own ideology and party’s power.

The IRS scandal is significant because it is one of the first major signs of tyranny in America. Historically, persecution against the church has always begun with subtle economic persecution; then comes physical persecution. Good government uses tax policy to hinder sin; bad government uses tax policy to hinder righteousness.

Understanding the dangers inherent in the powers to tax, our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution a prohibition against a federal personal income tax. In our naivety, Americans removed that safeguard in the Sixteenth Amendment.

Scriptures Referenced: 1 John 3:8; 2 Corinthians 6:7; Matthew 17:24; Matthew 22:17; Esther 3:8-9; Daniel 6:4-5; Psalm 101:8; Proverbs 20:26; Deuteronomy 32:36; Jeremiah 6:13