YouTube #24 Is the Federal Reserve Evil?

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Certain conspiracy theories demonize the Federal Reserve as the source of America’s economic woes. In this program, I explain some of the history & purposes of the Federal Reserve, and I share some Biblical precepts regarding how Christians should view banking, lending and such fallible organizations as the Federal Reserve: (1) don’t scapegoat, (2) don’t begrudge those who make a living off of you, (3) don’t assume all profit is greed, (4) don’t overthrow the whole system because of imperfections in the system.

It is not that the Federal Reserve is so great, but the alternatives are just as problematic – if not worse. Most of the disenchantment with the Federal Reserve is due to inevitable problems built into this fallen world. We will never find perfect security in any monetary or political system. The only solution is the Kingdom of Christ.

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