YouTube #54 NJ Legalizing Cannabis

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This week I went down to Trenton to voice opposition to a bill legalizing the use and sale of marijuana in the state of New Jersey. In this program, I cover the arguments of the proponents and opponents. The pragmatic arguments are a smoke screen for the core issue – society has abandoned the Christian moral conviction that getting high is evil. This is why marijuana is being legalized across America. No one would legalize murder, child pornography, rape, etc. with the same arguments used to legalize cannabis. This clearly demonstrates that the issue is really about the intrinsic rightness or wrongness of intoxication.

Scriptures Referenced: Psalm 9:17; Isaiah 28:1, 5:11,22; Habakkuk 2:15; Matthew 18:6; Revelation 9:21; 1 Corinthians 6:10