YouTube # 69 – Book Review – The Right Side of History

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The popular conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro, has a new book explaining the rise and decline of the West.  It deserves a review since it provides another great opportunity to explain what the good news is, in the light of what it is not.   After covering the eschatological role of non-Christian conservative commentators, I get into the nitty gritty of  Shapiro’s analysis of the philosophers and philosophies that contributed to the paganization of Western Culture – the return to darkness, superstition, idols and ignorance. 

As one would expect, Shapiro reverts to the “Law” as the solution – specifically, the education of the Law.  We have been there and done that!  Jesus Christ came to offer a totally new and unexpected solution  – The new birth, changing people from the inside out by the miraculous converting power of the Holy Spirit.  We need new men not better educated sinners.

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