#101 To Defund or Not Defund Obama Care

Synopsis: Program #101 – “To Defund or Not Defund?” October 6, 2013

This program wrestles with the question of whether it is right for the Republicans to withhold the continual funding of government unless the Democrats and the President agree to a one-year postponement of ObamaCare’s individual mandate. Legally, Congress is given the power of the purse strings. Politically, Congress must represent those who sent them to Washington to oppose ObamaCare; but will the shutdown help the Republicans or Democrats in the long term? Practically, will the strategy work?

What would you do? The greater question is how do you know the right thing to do in such cases? When do you fight for good policy, and when do you let the opposition have their way so they will learn their lesson? As it says in Ecclesiastes, there are times to give up as lost. The program covers the principles taught from the prophet Samuel who found himself in a similar dilemma.

Scriptures Referenced: Ecclesiastes 3; Zechariah 11:9; 2 Chronicles 12:8; Luke 15; Ephesians 1:17; 1 Samuel 8-12