#197 “Health Care Collectivism”

Program #197 “Health Care Collectivism” – 8/9/2015 – Synopsis

My friend and personal physician, Alieta Eck, had the opportunity to film a TED talk. In less than 20 minutes she had to make a case for an alternative to the Affordable Care Act in all of its inefficiency and bureaucratic red tape. Program #197 includes the audio version of her address followed by some comments from me.

The bird’s-eye view of the debate is that there are three arguments against the ACA. Most people argue against it on the basis of its inefficiency. The next argument is the social injustice of collectivism. Fewer people understand this, but it should be of greater concern than the ACA’s inefficiency . The final argument, which is the most important but the least appreciated or communicated, is the consolidation of power into the hands of the few.

Scriptures Referenced: Genesis 11:5-8; Revelation 13:17; Psalm 146:3