#57 Romney Care and Socialism

Synopsis – Program #57 “Romney Care and Socialism”

Program #57 discusses Mitt Romney defense of the Massachusetts health care system he put into place while governor. In a recent speech at the University of Michigan, he explained to his detractors the reasons for requiring everyone in his state to buy health insurance. As the front running Republican candidate for 2012, conservatives are appalled that Mitt Romney instituted in Massachusetts what President Obama instituted for the nation. God and Country takes on the health care issue again because of the subtleties of Mitt Romney’s arguments, which although sound like justice and personal responsibility, they are old socialist arguments repackaged.

The program reviews Romney’s speech in Michigan, then looks at the error of government control as explained in 1 Samuel 8. The program continues by looking at some of the utilitarian problems of Romney care as discussed by the Wall Street Journal, covers the Biblical ideological errors, discusses Socialism and William Buckley’s collectivist experience at Yale, and Doctor Alieta Ecks alternative to the Government’s involvement in health care.

Scriptures referenced: 1 Samuel 8:10-18; Colossians 2:8; 1 Timothy 5; Revelation 13:16

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