#153 Evangelical Anti-Zionism Pt. 3

Program #153 “Evangelical Anti-Zionism Part 3” – 10/5/2014 – Synopsis

Program #153 is the third installment in a series dealing with the growing anti-Israel movement in American Evangelicalism. You might not know anything about this movement, but neither did Ted Cruz. He was speaking to a group called In Defense of Christians (IDC) and was booed off the stage for his support of Israel. Senator Cruz didn’t realize IDC
is a pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionism group.

I begin the program with a number of reasons or motivations behind this new movement, but the bulk of the program is in explaining the difference between Covenant and Dispensational theology. Anti-Zionists have absconded some aspects of covenant theology to argue that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel; and at the same time, they refute Dispensational theology which leans toward supporting Israel.

I believe most of the animus toward Israel has nothing to do with theology. Nevertheless, true evangelicals need to understand the differences between Dispensational and Covenant theology in regard to prophesy and national Israel. If we know Biblical theology, we will not be tripped up by anti-Zionist arguments.

The bottom line is that the Jews are being blamed for all the evils of Islam. The argument is that if the Jews had not wanted a homeland in Palestine, the Muslims would not be jihadists. The Evangelicals are also being blamed for turmoil in the Middle East
because they have supported the Jews. Someday the nations of the world are going to descend on the valley of Armageddon, not because they don’t think Jews should have 10,000 square miles in the Middle East, but because they hate the God of the Bible – and the Christians and the Jews represent that God.

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