#172 2015 State of the Church

Program #172 “2015 State of the Church Address” 2/15/2015 – Synopsis

Program #172 is my annual State of the Church Address that I do in conjunction with the President’s State of the Union Address. This year I am not focusing on inner problems within the Church, but this year’s prospects for persecution coming from without the Church.

I begin with a tacit apology for not keeping up with happenings in American Evangelicalism. Reading up on the latest literature in popular Christianity has always had a debilitating effect on me spiritually.

The external attack on the Church in America will likely be the legalization of homosexual marriage by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has taken up the case, and all indicators show they will bless same-sex unions. However, it will be done through the back door by calling for reciprocity between the states. The Supreme Court will claim that they are not legalizing homosexual marriage, but simply giving homosexuals the Constitution right to remain married. This will effectively legalize homosexual marriage across the nation. Once this takes place, the homosexual lobby will use anti-discrimination laws to shut down any person or institution that does not accept homosexuality. It will start with the denial of tax-exempt status to Christian colleges; then it will be applied to the churches. These things must need take place, and it will be a great opportunity to delineate the nature of true Christianity to the nation.

Scripture References: Isaiah 40; Colossians 2:8; Revelation 2:10