#176 Discerning the Rise of Islam #3

Program #176 “Discerning the Rise of Islam (3) – 3/15/2015 – Synopsis

Program 176 is the third in a series about Islam. I begin with some commentary on the attempts by the administration to not associate terrorism with Islam. As is always the case, the attempt to cover up reality always backfires. Through their denial, the administration and the media create more discussion about the nature of Islam and our inept foreign policy. Furthermore, the Muslims, by their terrorism, have done more to shut down Islamic missionary efforts in America, and around the world, than any action the Church could have taken against Islam.

After reviewing the truths discussed in the previous programs, I argue from Psalm 83 that Islam is being empowered today for the eventual destruction of Islam. This is not tto say that Islam will not be a factor in the apocalypse, but the recent rise of Islam only portends its soon destruction.

Scriptures Referenced: Luke 12:56; Romans 8:28; 2 Corinthians 4:4; John 8:38; Psalm 83; Judges 7:12-22