#23 The Mosque

Program #23 The Mosque – October 3, 2010


In regard to the building of a Mosque so close to the former site of the World Trade Centers, there is a great appeal even in the Christian community to defend the rights of Muslims to build the Mosque for the sake of freedom of religion. The driving motivation is this: we must give other religions freedoms (even false ones) otherwise a precedent will be set to deny Christians the freedom to build churches.

But such a basis for choosing laws in society is itself a bad precedent. A nation would be paralyzed to put down evil if the people believed evil should never be put down lest someday violence would be used against good. God expects a nation to make moral distinctions between good and evil – – to put down the evil and support the good. A belief in Freedom alone is not a good moral foundation for running a nation.

Despite what Article One of the Constitution states, the Bible gives the state the duty to put down evil ideology which can include religious ideology. (Romans 13). In practice, the Federal Government has not permitted complete freedom of religion.

In the real world, a nation must choose a religion or die. A Christian nation should limit the spread of Islam in its borders.