#210 Judges, The Real Story

Program #210 “Judges – The Real Story” – 11/8/2015 – Synopsis

In addition to last week’s teaching on the book of Nehemiah, I would like to continue with a similar exposition of the book of Judges. Understanding God’s timeless message in the book of Judges is relevant to our own national struggles; for as Israel went through cycles of apostasy and revival, so goes every nation.

But the mistake is to conclude that Israel’s return to God in times of desperation constituted genuine faith and repentance. The book of Judges simply reminds us of natural man’s hypocrisy and the powerlessness of the law to make a people truly holy.

Unsaved people will return to conservatism when it is in their personal self-interest to do so, but this is far from the righteousness God demands. Israel went after the god Baal when she thought Baal could bring prosperity, and she ran back to Jehovah God when she thought this was the path to prosperity. In either case the core motive was the pocketbook.

It is for this reason that Christians cannot merely promote the law or social conservatism. For unless a man is born again, he will not see the Kingdom of God.

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