YouTube #16 Continuing in the Way of Jeroboam

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National conservative political swings are helpful, but let’s not deceive ourselves into thinking
America will be saved by such reforms. One of the major lessons to be learned in the Old Testament example of the kings of Israel is that although the nation would often enthrone a better king, the nation did not turn back to God in truth, nor did she repent of her foundational sins. King Jehu was such a case. He removed the radical Baal worship of his predecessor, but continued in the apostate form of Jehovah worship set up by the first king, Jeroboam. The failure of Jehu was that he “did not depart from the sins of Jeroboam, which he made Israel sin(2 Kings 10:31)

These Old Testament texts are given to the church to aid our discernment. We must not be caught up in, or deceived by, conservative policy that continues in America the false religion of secular humanism. For America to be restored, the nation must return to God in her core ideology, in her laws, and in her heart.

My program begins with a lengthy explanation of how these Old Testament historic narratives are to be applied to our age. I then explain the ramifications of the principle taught in 2 Kings 10:31.

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