#211 Ben Carson

Program #211 – Ben Carson – 11/15/2015 – Synopsis

Program #211 is a quick review of Ben Carson’s new book, A More Perfect Union. In it, Dr. Carson provides a running commentary on the meaning and application of each portion of the U.S. Constitution. Even though the book is not a page turner, it is exactly the kind of book we would want our next Pesident to write. The President takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, and Dr. Carson’s fastidious attention to every detail certainly qualifies him for the office.

I begin with some comments about Carson’s place in the polls, his lead over Donald Trump, and reasons why the left-leaning media will become rabid in their attempt to take Carson
down. This program was recorded three weeks ago; and fortunately, I have not had to retract any of my observations.

It would be a blessing to have Dr. Carson as the next Commander-in-Chief, but Christians need to be willing to consider that God might not want one of His own at the helm if American is about to reap what it has sown. Depressions, wars, and disasters are always blamed on whoever, and whatever ideology, is in the oval office. Regardless of who is our next President, it looks like he will have a morally and financially bankrupt country to manage.

Scriptures Referenced: 2 Kings 23:25