#259 Why I am not Voting for Trump (But it is not what you think)

Program #259 “Why I am not Voting for Trump (but it is not what you think)” – 10/16/2016 – Synopsis

The provocative title is an attention getter; but providentially, I truly don’t have to wrestle with whether or not to vote for Donald Trump. I live in New Jersey. It is not a swing state. The Garden State hasn’t gone for a Republican President in over 25 years; and if, by some slim chance, NJ goes for Trump, you can be sure swing states like PA, OH, FL will have already put The Donald in the White House. Therefore, since my vote for Trump in New Jersey is a wasted vote, I am giving my influence to some Christian statesman. Write-ins do provide politicial clout.

The remainder of my program is an appeal to not judge your brothers and sisters in Christ in regard to “Trump” or “NeverTrump.” As the Scriptures teach, there are some ethical choices that are neither right nor wrong but are matters of conscience and knowledge. Few voters have the inside scoop on Donald Trump. Just look at how many Republicans were surprised by his “locker room talk.” What?! They didn’t know in the primary that Trump was a playboy extraordinaire, and the Democrats had a trunk full of dirt on Trump? Apparently not!

Two final points: Do not fear the consequences of those few Evangelicals who cannot, in good conscience, vote for Trump. He will get plenty of Blue Dog Democrats to make up the deficit. And if Hillary happens to win, do not fear. God can use her radical liberalism to stir up a stronger opposition movement in America. Rather than having the heat turned up slowly on the frog, better to have the heat turned up fast so he jumps out of the pot.

Scriptural References: 3 John 8; Proverbs 20:18, 21:22; 1 Timothy 5:22; Psalm 78:9-10; Psalm 146:3; Romans 14:22-23; 1 Corinthians 8