#250 The Gulag Archipelago is Coming

Program #250 “The Gulag Archipelago is Coming – 8/14/2016 – Synopsis

Program #250 is part one of a three-part series on Alexander Solzhenitsyn earthshaking work,
The Gulag Archipelago
. In the 1970s Solzhenitsyn’s work exposed the Soviet prison labor camp system that claimed the lives of millions. Western liberals denied the atrocities of Communism, but Solzhenitsyn exposed the truth. For this reason, the intellectual leftist Jean-Paul Sartre called Solzhenitsyn a “dangerous element.”

There are many spiritual lessons to be drawn from this work. First, a society that replaces God with Humanism has an inconceivable potential for evil. Second, the experience of the Soviet Union is a foreshadowing of what is about to come upon the whole world. The policies of Stalin put to death a quarter of the Russian people. The policies of the coming anti-christ will put to death a quarter of the world population (Revelation 6:8). Third, at the root of the Russian tragedy was unbelief. Like ancient Israel, the Russians did not believe abandoning God and His law would result in the horrible curse detailed in Deuteronomy 28. The same naïve unbelief that existed in pre-Bolshevik Russia
exists in the mind of Western liberals today.

It is time to introduce a whole new generation to Alexander Solzhenitsyn lest we forget.

Scriptures Referenced: Romans 3:13-18; Revelation 6:8; Psalm 9:17; 1 John 2:18; Matthew 24:15-21; Matthew 10:23; Deuteronomy 28; Romans 3:18; Jeremiah 5:12