#258 The Mike Pence Betrayal

Program #258 “The Mike Pence Betrayal” 10/9/2016

Before Governor Pence of Indiana was chosen to be Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate, Pence infuriated the Christian right. To say the least, Mike Pence was on their naughty list. Christians worked tirelessly to get the Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed in Indiana as a stop gap measure to protect Christians from having to approve and support the gross immorality of the LGBT agenda. Once the bill was passed, the LGBT community engaged in their usual tactic of boycotts and lies to discredit legislation that would protect Christian moral standards.

Rather than standing up for the bill he signed and rather than waiting for the caterwauling and media hype to die out, Governor Pence amended the RFRA bill so that it became in effect the “Homosexual Freedom Restoration Act.” The bill now codifies in Indiana a requirement of homosexual accommodation, equates sexual immorality with human rights, and makes sexual orientation and gender identity a civil right. Tony Perkins with the Family Research Council in Washington stated, “This proposal guts the Religious Freedom Act and empowers the government to impose fines on people who follow their beliefs about marriage.”

Did Mike Pence not realize what he was signing? Not likely. Pence is a well-trained lawyer. Apparently, he believes Christians ought to be forced to provide business services for homosexual activities. This is not an uncommon position among some left-leaning evangelicals. Their beliefs in American style democratic pluralism clouds their understanding of God’s requirement for magistrates.

The lesson I draw from this event is that many Christian leaders today are like King Jehoshaphat. He served God, but he was more influenced by the culture than the Scriptures. Therefore, Jehoshaphat constantly compromised with evil and brought troubles upon Israel. Lot is also an example of a Biblical character who was righteous but failed God by never taking a political stand against the sin of Sodom.