#274 Critique of Pro-life Strategy

Program #274 “A Biblical Critique of Pro-Life Strategy” – 1/29/2017 – Synopsis

Since January 27th is the 44th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., this weeks program is another look at abortion, our national holocaust. The program begins with the examination of the judgment that awaits 50 years of infanticide. Because so many Biblical texts teach the unalterable price of blood guilt, I can’t imagine the apocalypse not coming upon the current generation.

In the remainder of the program, I discuss the difference between the current message coming from the pro-life movement and the Biblical message of the prophets. There is a difference; and maybe one of the reasons the pro-life movement is at a standstill is because of its worldly approach. I explain practically the divergent messages.

Incidentally, as the pro-life movement has become less bold, the pro-choice movement has become more bold in doing evil.

Pro-Choice advocates no longer claiming the fetus is a nonperson, but that it is a justifiable taking of a life. Hence, women should be proud and shout out their abortions. Before the end of this age, expect this sort of unprecedented break out of evil.

Scriptural References: Ezekiel 16:21; Isaiah 24:5-6; Revelation 6:10; 2 Kings 24:3-4; Psalm 106:38;
Jeremiah 15:1, 7:16-17, 31; Proverbs 16:6