#288 A New Constitution

Program #288 “A New Constitution” 5/07/2017 – Synopsis

I have often been asked the question, “If Christians ever had to start a new country, what would a new Constitution look like?” Would we simply copy our current Constitution? Why would we go back to the very document that made moral relativism the basis for law? We would certainly write a more God-centered document.

In this program I cover the history of our Constitution, the inherent problems in the Bill of Rights, and the Anti-Federalist’s original objections to our Constitution. I then discuss a number of corrections that would be necessary in a new Constitution. I conclude by explaining something you would not expect – Christians really don’t know what a New Constitution would look like. The silence in Scripture on this issue seems to indicate that there is no universal governmental system that can permanently help the unsaved. Even God adapted the form of Israel’s government from an oligarchy to a monarch to fit the changing character of the people. That is counter-intuitive because we tend to believe only one form of government, a constitutional republic, is the best form for all people. Human government is only a temporary patch that must be constantly changed.