#300 MasterpieceCake vs. CCRC

Program #300 “Masterpiece Cake vs CCRC – 7/30/2017 – Synopsis

Not that there is anything mystical in numbers, but God and Country has reached the milestone of 300 programs. After doing this for a few years, I am starting to learn a few things. However, I realize I am an infant in the vast wisdom of Christ. Hopefully, in my programs, I have tapped into some of that wisdom on occasion.

For a milestone number, I happen to be dealing with a milestone issue. Just as the Obergefell case changed law in America that went far beyond homosexual marriage, the upcoming case, Masterpiece Cake vs CCRC, will be just as monumental. If accommodation to immorality trumps freedom of religion, then America will no longer be the home of the free. We will truly be the land of Sodom. Since Christians should be fully aware of this upcoming case, I review the case and make some Biblical applications.

Scriptures Referenced: Isaiah 1:4; Ezekiel 22:26; Psalm 2:2-3; Isaiah 5:20-21; Ephesians 2; Luke 17:26-28; John 16:33