#318 The Moore Scandal

Program #319 “The Moore Scandal” – 12-3-2017 – Synopsis

Roy Moore, the well known and popular conservative Alabama judge, is in the news over women claiming he acted sexually inappropriate with them back in the 1970s. Roy Moore has denied these accusations and has accused these women of lying. This leaves Alabama voters in a dilemma. Should they believe these women or Judge Moore? Since Moore is nationally considered a champion for Biblical morality, Conservatives outside the state are also making judgments about the situation. The Christian community is divided over Roy Moore like they were divided over Trump.

I find the testimony of these woman to be credible and Roy Moore’s rebuttal to be insufficient, but I am perfectly open to the fact that these women could be lying just as much as Roy Moore could be lying. Not having all of the information, there is no way we can adequately judge this case. BUT AT THE VERY LEAST, DO NOT BE AMONG THOSE WHO SAY JUDGE MOORE CANNOT POSSIBLY BE LYING BECAUSE HE IS A CRUSADER FOR THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE!

The spiritual lesson I would like to take from the Judge Moore story is that Jesus reminded His followers that there is a class of people who will live double lives – professing to be moral on the outside, but inwardly filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness (Matthew 23:28). They were called the Pharisees. So don’t be surprised by occasional Conservative hypocrites. Following the morality of the law doesn’t guarantee one is a genuine born-again Christians, and such nominal Christians (Christians in name only) do not have the power to live moral lives (Colossians 2:23). So we soon discover they lead double lives, as in the case of Newt Gingrich, Mark Foley, Henry Hyde, Mark Sanford, Bob Livingston, John Ensign, Larry Craig, David Vitter, Bob Packwood, Bob Barr, and the list goes on and on.