#224 Marco Rubio

Program #225 – Marco Rubio – 2/20/2015 – Synopsis

I did a program about Cruz, Carson and Trump. It’s now time to do a program on Marco Rubio. I begin the program by discrediting a myth that has been circulating in the media that Evangelicals are backing Donald Trump. A recent WORLD magazine survey of Evangelical leaders tells a different story. Trump is below 5%, Cruz is at 28%, and surprise, surprise, Rubio is at 49%. I take a stab at explaining why Rubio is the favorite among Evangelicals: (1) the warm and fuzzy likeability factor, (2) softer – on the illegal immigrants, and (3) Cruz has gotten bad press from the Republican establishment. To refresh everyone’s memory, I briefly explain Rubio’s involvement with the gang of eight. Marco Rubio has two personal biographies, American Dreams and An American Son; but, being limited in time, I am able to share only an abbreviated bio.

I conclude with some thoughts about the challenges facing the next President. Like King Ahaz, President Obama brought about a lack of restraint in the nation (2 Chronicles 29:19). We pray that the next President will be like Hezekiah, the king who followed Ahaz. He reversed and repaired all of the damage done by Ahaz, but it wasn’t easy.

Scriptures Referenced: Leviticus 19:33; Matthew 25:35; 2 Chronicles 28:19; Exodus 32:25; 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7; 2 Chronicles 29:2-5, 31:1-5.