#4 – Statism

#4 Statism – Synopsis

The program Statism explains the foundational biblical doctrine that God has established different institutions with various responsibilities –the state, the church, the home, and the individual. Romans 13 is the key text in explaining the role and limitations of human government. The confusion today over the role of government stems from an ignorance of this all important doctrine. Statists believe the socialist/communist model that the state should take over the roles which have been biblically relegated to other institutions. The secularists violate these boundaries because without God, they look to the State to fulfill the role of God. In the visions of Daniel, the people of the world see the empires of mankind as glorious, but Daniel, the man of God, sees them as terrible beasts.

Scriptures referenced: Hosea 4:1-6; Romans 13:1-4; 1 Tim 5:8-9; Luke 15; 1 Samuel 8; Daniel 2-3, 7; Psalm 60:11; Psalms 146.