#521 (Video 188) – Vaccine Religious Exemption

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In this week’s program, I cover the legalities behind applying for a vaccine religious exemption.  There are two major biblical principles that apply, (1st) the use of fetal cells in vaccine development, and (2nd), the false ideology of Utilitarianism.  Christians don’t believe in Jon Stuart Mill’s basis for ethics, “The greatest good for the greatest number of people.” We preserve all life; we don’t believe in sacrificing the few for the many.  There is no misinformation in this video, only truth; but let’s see if the YouTube content monitors take down this video in order to promote a preconceived narrative.  If so, they will be a prime example of those who believe in Utilitarianism, that truth is negotiable and the ends justify the means.  Let’s see if Google (who owns YouTube) really follows its motto, “Don’t be Evil.”