Radio Program #398 “Explaining Imprecatory Psalms”

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One of the great Bible difficulties is explaining thePsalms which call down curses upon the wicked (Imprecatory Psalms), in thelight of what Jesus taught, “Love your enemies.”  In view of the present evil culture, how arewe to pray?  I share nine truths to helpus understand the application and balance of Imprecatory Psalms.

1.  They addressa severe wickedness

2.  They areDirected against unrepentant sinners

3.   They are inaccord with the justice of God

4.  They containan eschatological element

5.  They consignthe judgment to God

6.  They arepart of the Old Covenant

7.  They awarning to the wicked

8.  They are ablessing for the wicked

9.  Theydemonstrate true love