#141 March for Marriage

Program #141 “The March for Marriage” – 7/13/2014 – Synopsis

Back in June the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) sponsored a rally in Washington
called the March for Marriage. This is the second year of the rally; NOM plans to continue this rally every year like the March for Life every January. I attended this rally to show my support and to get an on-the-ground sense of the movement. While there I recorded some interviews with participants.

The turnout was low, but I explain in the program why we should not be discouraged by small beginnings. In the same way that the Right to Life movement is gaining ground after 40 years of persistence, the movement for Biblical marriage and gender roles will also win in the end.

I conclude with some advice to the March for Marriage Movement. If the rallies are to succeed the arguments need to be well defined and articulated. I suggest the following:

1. The argument must be made that America’s foundation for law must return to God’s natural law.

2. It is not the marriage label we are against as much as homosexual behavior itself.

3. The issue is really redefining gender or gender rebellion. Same-sex marriage is not the real agenda.

4. The state must have moral fences to protect the public from harm. Libertarianism is not good.

I encourage every God and Country listener to attend next year’s rally. “Looking back at the history of tragic times often reveals that many–or most–of the people of those times were often preoccupied with things that look trivial, or even pathetic, in view of the catastrophe looming over them” (Thomas Sowell).

Scriptures Referenced: Jeremiah 2:19; Romans 1:27; 3 John 5, 8; Acts 19; Titus 1:9-11