#132 The End of LGBT

Synopsis: Program #132 – 5/11/2014 “The End of LGBT”

Program #132 looks at the changing attitude toward LGBT. Sympathy toward the LGBT community is slowly becoming fear and revulsion. As Bill Mahrer said in regard to the resignation of Brendan Eich, “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them you get whacked.” That commentary from a popular icon shows something is changing. The propaganda of the gay lifestyle cannot continue forever because the sin of immorality does not take place in a vacuum. With homosexuality comes every other vice. The true picture of homosexuals as violent predators is depicted in Genesis 19 and Judges 19.

I go on to explain how the homosexual movement will not last because (1) it is a futile fight against natural biological reality, and (2) society eventually sees the fruit of homosexuality and the lifestyle becomes odious. I realize that I am one of the few people saying this, but I believe the Word of God – “ The righteous will see their fall” (Proverbs 29:16). Therefore, it is very unwise for the church or social leaders to surrender to the LGBT agenda, as is now occurring at an alarming rate. Conservatives must hold to their position and patiently wait to be vindicated. We should never surrender in the culture war because it is a God-given venue for communicating the Gospel and the righteousness of our God.

Scriptures Referenced: Proverbs 28:12; Psalm 37; Genesis 19; Judges 19; Matthew 19:4-6; Luke 12:2-3; 1 Timothy 5:24-25; Matthew 10:26-27; Isaiah 57:10; Habakkuk 2:13; Deuteronomy 32:35; Proverbs 11:6; Philippians 1:28