#144 The City of God, Part 1

Program #144 “The City of God, Part 1” – 8/3/2014 – Synopsis

The City of God was a book written by Augustine, a pastor and theologian in the early church (426 AD). The city of Roman had been recently sacked by the Goths, and Augustine wrote to provide Biblical insights into the social/political events of his own day. In a sense, he was God and Country Radio of the 4th century.

The people in the fourth century were all tied up in the power of the Roman Empire; but now that the empire had fallen, what would happen to the world? Augustine had to explain the differences between the city of God and the city of man. Christians today also need to learn that lesson lest they set their hopes in this world. One difference between the fourth century and our day is that Augustine had to explain the demise of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity; theologians in our day must write to explain the reverse – the decline of Christianity and the rise of the empire of the beast.

I trust this two-part commentary on The City of God will help you learn the highlights of this great work.

Scripture References: Revelation 17:8-12; Daniel 7:7-12; Revelation 13:2-3; Ecclesiastes 13:2-3; 1 Kings 18:18; Zechariah 2:8; Psalm 105:14; Matthew 5:10; 1 Timothy 6:7