#149 School Freedom Legislation

Program #149 “School Freedom Legislations” – 9/7/2014 – Synopsis

 Program #149 is my annual critique of government schools. Conservative social thinkers have proposed various reasons for the moral decline of America such as, wealth, technology, government policy, etc. If I had to choose one earthly development that has most contributed to the spiritual downfall of our nation, it would be the public school system and its rejection of God. As the schools go, so goes the nation. (Luke 6:40).

By making Christian teaching illegal in public schools, the secular humanist have been able to separate the next generation from the Word of God. If public schools outlawed mathematics tomorrow, Americans would still practice arithmetic for quite a few decades; but after fifty years, we would be a nation that could not count. The same holds true for the outlawing of the Bible in
Abington School District v. Schempp,
1963. We are now a nation of ignorant pagans, and we behave accordingly.

Furthermore, forcing Christians to double pay for the education of their children (through tax and private school tuition) amounts to violation of first amendment freedom of religion.

I conclude the program explaining what a workable school choice bill would include.