#180 Revolution & Rebellion

Program #180 “Revolution and Rebellion” – 4/12/2015 – Synopsis

Program 180 is the second in a four-part series meant to correct some theological misconceptions about the founding of America and the path to spiritual revival in America.

I begin by illustrating the spiritual decline in America by comparing the Constitution of 1787 to the first constitution in America in 1639, The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. The subsequent removal of the Bible and Jesus Christ from the law of the land was a deliberate, ideological product of the Secular Enlightenment. We need to get back to the constitution, but not the Constitution of 1787.

I then go on to explain the evangelical controversy with David Barton’s teaching on the Revolution and America’s Christian heritage. Contrary to recent Christian revisionist history, the so-called Christian clergy who inspired the Revolution were not the Biblical men of God in their day.

My goal is not to denigrate the Founding Fathers, but to point out where they went wrong so that we can rightly identify where America got off track and, hence, how we can return to the right path. If we are to have revival in America, our message must honor Jesus Christ by pointing out our Founding Father’s accommodation with the world.

Scriptures Referenced: Jeremiah 6:16; Revelation 2:5; Psalm 2:1-3; Luke 19:14; 1 Samuel 26:9-10