#160 Pilgrims & The Christian State

Program #160 – “The Pilgrims & the Christian State” – 11/23/2014 – Synopsis

Program #160 is my annual Thanksgiving Day program. The Plymouth colony (The Pilgrims) endeavored to establish a truly Christian community in the New World. Not only is this aspect of history left untaught, but secular intellectuals today consider what the Pilgrims did in 1620 to be undemocratic and intolerant. Unbelievers are not just skeptical about the Bible and salvation – they are also opposed to Jesus’ claim to authority over this world. Opposition to the Lordship of Christ is the agenda of the Kingdom of Satan. However, the Pilgrims understood the Biblical doctrine of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over the nations.

Some biblical truths we can glean from the Pilgrims are organized by answering four questions:

1. What is a Christian state?

2. Is it Biblical to work to establish a Christian state?

3. Is it even possible to have a Christian nation in a fallen world?

4. What are we to do to promote a Christian state today?

Scripture References: Psalm 2:1-3; Luke 19:14; Galatians 6:10; Daniel 6:26; Genesis 1:28; Matthew 28:19-20; Isaiah 58