#265 The Covenanters

Program #265 “The Covenanters” – 11/27/2016 – Synopsis

In remembrance of Thanksgiving Day and our nation’s founding, Program #265 is about a Christian constituency called the Covenanters. They worked to get God, Jesus Christ and Biblical morals written back into our Constitution. The Christian community was not pleased with the godless Constitution that came of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The way most history books read, you might assume our Constitution had the blessing of God’s people. Not so. But the winners usually get to rewrite the history.

The Covenanters had their roots in Scottish Presbyterianism. They held to the Reformed doctrine that nations must be Christian and must declare it in their documents, for Christ is the King of kings. They rightly understood that without a God-centered basis for national policy, we would be swept away by ungodly secularism. So in 1864 they had on President Lincoln’s desk an amendment to put Jesus Christ back into our Constitution. It failed. Again in 1894 the Covenanters had before Congress a similar amendment. It failed again. The agenda of the 20th century then became the secularization of our nation.

The lessons of history remind us that “we will not have this man reign over us” (Luke 19:14). But we who are part of His Kingdom choose to give Him the throne.

Scripture References: Revelation 1:5, 15:3; Psalm 33:12, 2:10-12; Luke 19:14