#191 A Nation of Victims

Program #191 “A Nation of Victims” – 6/28/2015 – Synopsis

Program 191 looks at the peculiar victimhood attitude arising in the America mind. The politicians play on the grievances of the public, and the public loves it so. Since we will be seeing more and more victimhood, I want to identify and explain the phenomenon.

There are legitimate victims in this world, but many who consider themselves victims today are simply embittered over God’s judgments. They are embittered that the lazy become poor, the abuser of the body becomes ill, and he who sows to the flesh reap corruption. The world is mimicking the attitude of their progenitor Cain who complained, “My punishment is too great to bear.”

In the last days, mankind’s anger against God will increase. At first this will not be against God directly, but against the whole Christian concept of personal responsibility and accountability. I conclude with ten principles you need to know about the victimhood phenomena.

Scriptures Referenced: Genesis 4:13-14; Psalm 2; Revelation 16:11, 21; Isaiah 8:21-22; Psalm 19:3; Psalm 106:24-25; Luke 23:40-42; Psalm 28:13; Hosea 5:4