#208 Iranian Nuclear Deal

Program #208 “The Iran Nuclear Agreement” – 10/25/2015 – Synopsis

Over the summer, President Obama bypassed the Senate and worked out a nuclear treaty with Iran. The bottom line is that through our leaders’ unbelievable ineptitude and naivety, Iran
was given the green light to build nuclear weapons. We would all be depressed except for the fact that this is another example of how God uses the foolishness of men to bless and protect His people. We can be assured that in some way these events will further God’s plan to restore the Jews back to the land in preparation for the last days.

I conclude by explaining the possibility that Iran already has nuclear weapons. The deal is just theater to bring Iran back into the family of nations while helping national leaders save face.

Scriptures Referenced: I Kings 12:15-24, 22:23; Isaiah 11:11-12; Zechariah 10:8-10; Psalm 46:8-11