#235 Jude Takes on LGBT Advocates

Program #235 “Jude Takes on the LGBT Advocates”– 5/1/2016 – Synopsis

Christians are experiencing the overturning of Christian values and laws in our society by the LGBT practitioners and their supporters. Does the New Testament give us any instructions concerning this unique situation?

Most Christians are unaware that the entire book of Jude is devoted to an explanation and refutation of LGBT. Jude describes a certain class of false teachers who will arise. These are the same men who indulged in gross immoralities in ancient Sodom and Gomorrah (vs 7). These men are dreamers – men who live in a fantasy or who push a false reality (vs 8). The entire book describes “these men.” Jude is undoubtedly describing the LGBT people in our day, and we should know what God has to say about their character and modus operandi.

Maybe there is a providential reason why the book of Jude comes right before the book of Revelation. Maybe God is saying that this is the counsel the church needs in the days leading up to the apocalypse.