#102 Why is the Church Silent about Same-sex Marriage

Synopsis: Program #102 – “Why is the Church Silent on Homosexual Marriage?”

Program 102 begins by making a distinction between the true church and the multitude of apostate denominations that support same-sex marriage through the homosexual lobby organization “New Jersey Equality.”

I wish I could say that the perceived silence of the churches is due to Christians failing to be politically informed or involved; However, the problem is much more serious. At best, only 2% of the population attends a Gospel-preaching Evangelical church. In most communities, more people go to Starbucks on any given Sunday than attend church.

Furthermore, the voices of those who are left in the true church are being suppressed. The world does not listen to us (1 John 4:6). Those who have a platform to speak are persecuted. “Therefore, at such a time the prudent person keeps silent” (Amos 5:13). Not all silence is compromise; there is a silence that portends judgment. It is a bad sign for a nation when it can be said that the church appears silent.

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