#32 T.S.A. Pat-Downs

God and Country – Dec 5 – 2010 – #32 – TSA Pat-downs

The program “T.S.A (Transportation Security Administration) Pat-Downs” discusses the new security procedures instituted at the airports. In the words of Carl, our sound man, “I didn’t know the Bible had anything to say about the T.S.A.” Of course it does; everything that happens in this world is under the sovereign observance of God. Of the various lessons that can be drawn, I reference four. First, the oppression that has come upon America because of Islamic Terrorism. As in the case of Ancient Israel, the sins of Israel brought upon her foreign oppression (Isaiah 42:19-22; Jer. 2:14; Ps 106:40; Dt. 28:28). Second, we are experiencing oppression from our own government (Isaiah 3:1-5). Third, we are suffering unreasonable security policies because our relativistic society is too afraid to judge a religion or a people group. Fourth, do not participate. Avoid the traps and the oppressions that the wicked create for themselves. (Psalm 141:9-10; Ps 119:122,134)