YouTube #80 Reparations – Justice or Injustice

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In June, Congress heldhearings on the movement to require the Federal Government to financiallycompensate the African American community for slavery and discrimination.  Although this proposal has very little chanceof becoming law, the hearings satisfy special interest groups in the partybase.  The whole discussion becomes agood opportunity to demonstrate how public policy should be determined and judgedby Biblical law.  The bottom line is theBiblical principle that it is unjust to make the children pay for the sins oftheir fathers.  The recompense owned byour ancestors must be left in the hands of God.

Scripture References:  1 Peter 2:15, 3:13-15;Deuteronomy 15:12-15, 24:16; Exodus 12:35; Joshua 9, 2 Samuel 21.