#83 Political Lessons from the Prophets”

Synopsis: Program #83 “Political Lessons from the Prophets” June 2, 2013

Program #83 does not discuss any one issue in the news, but how we are to use the Bible to discern the news. Listeners often comment on the way I apply Biblical texts to contemporary issues, especially the Old Testament prophetic books. Are these applications valid? Is there a right and wrong way to apply Biblical texts? The first part of the program answers these general questions. The remainder of the program gives a number of examples of political principles gleaned from the prophets. The pattern of Israel helps us know what to expect as our nation declines morally. This is a good program for Christians who have zeal but lack the knowledge.

Scriptures Referenced: Romans 10:2; Ephesians 4:14; Proverbs 19:2; Daniel 11:33; Isaiah 6:1; Hosea 4:6; I Corinthians 10:11; Daniel 12:10; 2 Kings 21:9,16; 23:25; 2 Chronicles 34:33; 2 Timothy 3:5; Jeremiah 3:10-11; Jeremiah 23:17; 2:35; 7:15; 14:11; 2 Kings 23:26; Ezekiel 24:13; Jeremiah 30:24