#126 Taxes – Lesson 2

Synopsis: Program #126 – “Taxes – Lesson #2” March 30, 2014

If someone had told our founding fathers that in America’s future, citizens would have to expend 6 billion hours and 168 billion dollars to file taxes, they would have assumed the nation abandoned liberty for some type of tyranny. But no, Americans dutifully fill out pages of tax forms hoping to either get back some of their own money or take someone else’s. Program #126 covers the ludicrous filing system we have in America and Congressman David Camp’s legislation to overhaul the tax-code. I address how a revenue tax is better than an income tax and how property tax is confiscatory. I also give a brief history of ancient Roman taxation. The program concludes with an exposition of the famous text on taxes: Romans 13.

Scriptures Referenced: Luke 11:46; Deuteronomy 28:15,29; I Samuel 12:14; Isaiah 3:4-5; Micah 4:4; Romans 13:6-7,